Doing It Yourself

If you’re determined to maintain your hot-tub spa yourself, boy have we got the products for you! From water treatments to filters and more.

Water Care

SpaBoss products allow for a hot tub to be enjoyed with pride and confidence! SpaBoss products are designed with the hot tub owner in mind. With a complete line of water treatment products to fit any need or preference, a SpaBoss water care program makes it easy to maintain clean, safe, crystal clear water. CAPO Industries Ltd. has been manufacturing and marketing top quality specialty chemicals since 1893. Since its inception, CAPO has been a family business, now in its 4th generation of the same family. We treat our employees and customers as if they are a part of the family as well.

Snow Valley Spa and Leisure carries a large selection of water care products, cleaners, test products, specialty additives for your hot tub, we also offer in-store computerized water testing while you wait. No one has a better selection of these products in the Fernie and Elk Valley Area.

Spa Boss Spa Tabs

Stabilized Chlorinating Tablets Concentrated slow dissolving Trichloro chlorine tablets. 90% available chlorine. Small 20gm tablets fit in floating dispenser, skimmer bay or chlorinator.

Spa Boss Spa Shock

Chlorine free Maintain crystal-clear water clarity with Spa Shock. A completely soluble, non-chlorine oxidizing shocking agent that does not affect pH levels and works quickly to destroy foreign contaminants which reduce the effectiveness of bromine and chlorine. Just add after each use or when spa/hot tub water appears cloudy.

Spa Boss Chlor-Aid

Stabilized Chlorinating Granules A fast-dissolving, completely soluble chlorine disinfectant that provides long-lasting and economical control of bacteria and algae in spa/hot tub water . Will not effect pH and contains no scale-forming calcium. Available chlorine 65%.

Spa Boss Alka-Rise

PH Stabilizer Alka-Rise works effectively to raise total alkalinity in spa/hot tub water. Low total alkalinity causes the pH level to wander, can lead to corrosive water and renders disinfectants ineffective. Regular testing of alkalinity is particularly important when bromine or spa tabs are used.

Aqua Finesse

AquaFinesse makes maintaining softer, cleaner and safer water effortless. AquaFinesse is the perfect solution for pool and spa owners who have little time for water upkeep or equipment maintenance. For one minute, once a week, even the busiest pool owners can keep their water crystal clear and perfectly clean. Over time, AquaFinesse can help prolong the life of your pool and spa equipment including heaters, filters, plumbers and lining– saving you time and money while protecting your investment. AquaFinesse can also help your equipment run more efficiently, reducing your pool or spa’s energy consumption. With all natural ingredients and an


Spa Filters are the first line of defense against unwanted particles and debris in your hot tub water. A spa filter can extend the life of your Sundance spa by working with the entire purification system to keep the water clean and clear. Easy to clean and easy to use, different types of spa filters are used for the various hot tub models.

They need to be cleaned and replaced on a regular basis, and every time the water is changed. Snow Valley Spa & Leisure carries a full selection of all Sundance®model filters and many other popular brands check in with us today. If we do not have it in stock we can order it for you. Contact us for information about a specific spa filter.

Microfiber Spa Pre-Filter

The MicroFibre pre-filter is a disposable filter designed to purify your water as you fill your spa. Specifically designed to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) and boost water quality, Sundance Spas’ pre-filters are 90% effective at eliminating dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium from your spa’s water. By significantly reducing hard mineral deposits, the MicroFibre pre-filter extends the life of your regular filter. To use: Attach the spa pre-filter to the end of a garden hose and begin to fill. Usage: One spa pre-filter is good for 1,200 gallons or 2-3 fills. Item #6473-364

Microclean™ Ultra

The industry’s first interlocking system featuring dual filtration, the MicroClean™ Ultra gives you water of the highest purity. Its outer layer filters large particles, while its inner layer filters superfine particles. A washable first-stage filter allows you to save money on replacements. Item #6541-397

Microclean Plus™

The MicroClean Plus™ spa filter is made with an advanced, triple-layer pleated material that provides superior filtration for crystal clear water. This efficient spa filtering system traps larger particles in the upper layers of the filter and smaller particles in the lower layers. Microclean Plus™ spa filters absorb oils and lotions, removing them from the water. Use with Sundance 880™ Series spas. Item #6540-507